Welcome to Track My Tribe, a data sharing application to help you ensure the safety of the members of your tribe. Trackmytribe is a simple application whereby users can share basic phone information with designated recipients so that the members of the tribe/family/group know one another are safe. Safe in this context means that they have access to their phone and if they need help then they can call. It is most useful for parents worried about aging grandparents who might be living alone, or parents worried about new teenage drivers, or almost any situation where you are worried about someone who is fragile or vulnerable, but don't want to pester them with calls all the time. The vulnerable person is termed the trackee and the monitoring person is the tracker.

How does it track my tribe?

The application works by pairing phones together and then using the native phone functionality, such as the gyroscope, to show movement and activity. This movement and activity is generated for everyone, but who it is shared with is something everyone decides themselves. The sharing is customizable. If someone shares their device data with you then you become a tracker. If the phone stops moving for an unexplained length of time, then it is time to call the recipient or otherwise check on them. If in doubt phone the recipient or authorities. In addition the tracker can set up alerts so that they know if the trackee’s phone has no activity for an extended period of time.


How It Works

Modern phones have a series of hardware sensors so that the phone knows what position it is in. When you turn your phone on its side the image changes from portrait to landscape due to the interaction of these sensors. Sometimes the hardware sensors are used singly, but more often they are used together to produce a more accurate result. This application simply uses these native sensors so that individuals can monitor them individually. It pairs this information with text message and phone activity, so that there is a complete picture of phone movement. This phone movement is then shareable via the application. The phone movement generally indicates that the phone owner is alive and has access to the phone. This is not a foolproof method as it is conceivable that the phone might be stolen and held by someone other than the owner, however this would be an unusual case. Phones are not stolen that often, so generally this indicator works. The application is currently limited to the Android platform, but development of an iOS version is progressing and an iOS version should be ready by the end of July 2018. The Android and iOS applications will be compatible and you will be able to monitor someone else's phone even if it uses a different operating system platform.

Track My Tribe - Apps for Senior Caregivers

Track My Tribe is a safety-oriented application that is perfectly titled as an app to keep the family connected. One of the many uses of application is to track your vulnerable parents and keep track of your loved ones. The application gets really handy in keeping a track of your family member, who might be traveling to some other city or country.

As an app for seniors living alone, this application is the best tool for their children to keep a close watch on their activities and well-being. The application allows both the parties to have access to each other's location, their phone usage, and even the sleep cycles, all thanks to the modern technology. As an app for elderly care, it also allows one to monitor their phone usage activity, such as like if they are picking up their calls, moving around or sending and receiving text messages. Track My Tribe is an app for seniors living alone and is highly recommended as personal tracking devices for elders and those who are concerned about them to provide complete care, even if one, as a caretaker, is living in another city.

Keep track of your loved ones with Track My Tribe and get your needs such as "track my kid's phone"sz fulfilled by the application in real-time to know what your kids and doing and to keep a watchful safe eye on their activities, especially when your kids are away from home.

If you are searching for an app for senior caregivers, then Track My Tribe is the application you need to have, as this allows you to keep a real-time check on your elders, kids, and other family members, which assures you of their safety and well-being.

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